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Use limestone in a sentence

  • Comma Before While Grammarly

    Heating the limestone calcium carbonate drives off carbon dioxide gas leaving behind lime the base calcium oxide Do we need a comma before leaving behind lime or is it optional Maybe the presence of the base calcium oxide makes it awkward to use a second comma in the sentence Read more

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  • How to use A limestone in a sentence vibrating sieve separator

    How do you use lime in a sentence Those in an MBA program teachers those learning a new language may enjoy the contents of this post The lines of text below use lime in a sentence and provide visitors a sentence for lime Read more

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  • Limegreen in a sentence AZdictionary

    Limestone is common a rock that makes up about ten percent of all sedimentary rocks Limestone is made up of calcite aragonite A lot of limestone comes from skeletal fragments of marine organisms Throughout history many people have recognized limestone's potential and Read more

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  • Limestone collocations Sentence collocations by

    To predict the class for each sentence we use the title of the paper and the sentence itself With AllenNLP this is how we do it So if you re building Machine Learning models please give LIME a try For more information you can read the paper and check the repo on GitHub Read more

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  • Limestone Rock Uses Formation Composition Pictures

    How to use A limestone in a sentence Looking for sentences with A limestone Here are some examples Sentence Examples A limestone pavement is a natural karst landform consisting of a flat incised surface of exposed limestone that resembles an artificial pavement Read more

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  • Natural Resources Examples

    Limestone is a chemical or biological sedimentary rock that has many uses in agriculture and industry Dimension Stone Limestone is often cut into blocks and slabs of specific dimensions for use in construction and in architecture It is used for facing stone floor tiles stair treads window sills and many other purposes Read more

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  • Punctuation Is comma optional in Heating the limestone

    Sentence Maker lime vibrating sieve separatorHome Spanish Sentences Maker lime lang en The Sentence Maker allows you to enter a word or phrase in the text box below and retrieve translated sentence pairs English and Spanish containing that wordphrase This tool is great for seeing how words are used in a natural context use limestone in a sentence,Who vs That sand washing machine You put the lime in the coocunt and drink the article up Reply I'll be fine with my employment of 'who' and 'which' I would use 'that' when I think the sentence can stand alone or can be understood Get More

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  • Sentence for lime Use lime in a sentence

    Words often used with limestone in an English sentence crushed limestone ground limestone limestone cave limestone cliff limestone formation limestone hill limestone quarry soft limestone white limestoneRead more

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  • Sentences with the word quarry vibrating sieve separator

    limegreen in a sentence The soft neon lighting makes it a beacon at night and the rooms reflect the design with clever use of fuchsia and limegreen brightening otherwise simply decorated spaces One is a limegreen Volkswagen Beetle from the 1960s Through the sealed plastic bottom I saw a row of limegreen sea urchins against orange Read more

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  • The Easiest Way to Use Etc Correctly wikiHow

    quarry in a sentence Use quarry in a sentence 1 To the discomfort was added the natural wariness of our quarry click for more sentences of quarry quarry in a sentence and how is the word quarry used in a sentence and examples Read more

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  • What is a good sentence for limestone vibrating sieve separator

    Do not use etc more than once in a sentence Though some people think it s cute to use etc more than once in a sentence to stress the fact that many additional items are needed just one etc will suffice Read more

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  • What is a sentence for the word limestone vibrating sieve separator

    Use a comma before while in the middle of a sentence when you mean whereas or although I prefer chocolate cake while my sister prefers key lime pie I prefer chocolate cake while my sister prefers key lime pie Read more

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